6 Ways to Ramp Up Your Marketing in the New Year


New Year’s is the perfect opportunity to showcase what your business has to offer, refresh old practices & keep customers engaged. Take a look at these six ways you can reinvent and ramp up your business marketing into the New Year.

1. Introduce new product promotions.

The New Year is a great time to encourage customers to try something new, and launching a new product can help create additional buzz. Whether your business has a new product coming out in 2019, or you want to push a staple product, you can promote both with a new marketing campaign. If your business offers services, consider offering a new bundle of services. 

2. Launch sales after the New Year.

Keep your customer’s holiday spending rolling by offering a sale moving into the New Year. Discounts will often taper off after Christmas, but that doesn’t mean your company needs to abide by the same rules. Consider keeping things simple with a standard percentage off sale items in your store. Send the promotion out via text and email, and promote it on your social channels.

3. Offer a consistent Brand Experience.

To ensure a consistent brand experience, work with your current set of resources in all areas of your business to provide that the right message is relayed at the right time in your customer’s journey. In the era of the empowered customer, this will allow your brand to develop a connection with potential clients and improve loyalty among your clientele. By delivering cohesive messaging, you will be able to deliver a consistent brand experience.

4. Create an Editorial Calendar

Make a list based off of your top performing content created this last year and brainstorm additional ideas based off of the listing to understand what made them successful. Track your successful (and unsuccessful) content headlines, word count, social media shares and more to replicate your posts’ success in the future. Also, consider revisiting old material and updating it. That content is all yours, so get extra use out of it and re-share! Make sure to download our free Social Media Day calendar to help guide you!

5. Refocus your brand. 

It's time to find new ways to communicate your company's mission and vision. Consider growing marketing efforts around your brand. Do this by using yearly objectives as a touchstone to mark measurable and time-oriented efforts. Once you've identified these goals, create a strategy to meet them and determine the tactics to achieve them in the New Year.

6. Focus on impactful projects. 

We get it - it’s easy to get caught up in the small details of your day-to-day activities as a business owner. Consider using the New Year to identify what projects you are working on that are currently making the most significant impact, along with any events and your activities that are contributing to them. By spreading yourself, your budget and your time too thin, these amazing goals you're planning for 2019 won't be nearly as impactful.

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