6 Instagram Trends to watch in 2019!


1. If you’re not on Instagram Stories, start ASAP.

It’s no secret: Instagram engagement on posts has been on a decline for the last several years. The quickest and easiest way to get more eyes on your platform and page is to create several stories available to your followers every day. It’s important to create a content plan for your stories in addition to your feed. Download our Free IG Story checklist below to get started!

2. Start building long-form content for IGTV.

Catch the IGTV train, now! Adapt quickly because many brands are not utilizing it, giving your brand a huge edge. Facebook and Instagram have put a huge focus on video, and we believe they will continue to work to make IGTV more relevant. This specialized long form content, available for mobile users only, is proving to be a beneficial marketing strategy, engaging users while enabling brands to re-use content for their stories and feed.

3. Stickers aren’t just for fun.

Instagram Stories stickers let you offer followers a fun (and FREE!) way to engage with your brand’s content and products. From countdowns, to questions, to polls; stickers are an easy way to not only post quick content on Instagram stories, but to get followers to actively participate with your brand (which in turn, helps you in the algorithm game!).

4. Interested in advertising? Sponsored posts aren’t your only option.

Instagram story ads are the newest Instagram advertising option on the market, and it’s perfect for brands who already have high quality advertising and a target market in mind. A full-screen banner display, the advertisement will appear in between your targeted user’s stories, which sit right at the top of their Instagram feed. Don’t miss out on this prime real estate value.

5. Think you can buy followers to boost your brand? Not so fast.

Instagram wasn’t kidding when they announced they were taking action against bots, automation apps, fake likes and followers. If you’ve used these tools in the past, you’ve likely noticed a sharp decline in your follower count and engagement. The social media platform has even gone as far as removing certain features from accounts that have been flagged for using these imitation engagement tools. Be wary about using these types of tools on Instagram in the future.

6. Augmented Reality is coming.

Celebrities have already launched their own versions, and we’re predicting it’s coming to your page soon! This year, Facebook focused on discussing augmented reality and virtual reality at their F8 conference, and we believe this futuristic tool is not too far away. Bringing the real world into an augmented reality, it will give your brand the opportunity to connect with consumers in a very tangible way.

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