Why Pinterest is our new best friend


Why Pinterest is our new best friend and why it needs to be yours, too!

Let’s talk about the most underrated social media platform of our generation. Pinterest.

In comparison to other platforms – we’re looking at you, Facebook and Instagram – it may seem relatively small at 250 million users, but hear us when we say that this number isn’t all that matters. Pinterest grew by 50% in 2018 alone, and reports show that Millennials use Pinterest nearly as much as Instagram.

Pinterest is the new place to be, people.

If you don’t believe us now, just keep reading!

Build an active online presence.

Not only are 14 million images pinned every day, but 80% of Pinterest users access the app on mobile devices. Talk about a quick way to engage a new audience! In other great news, Pinterest does not put a cap or limit who can see your post. Unlike Facebook or Instagram, all the pins you post will be available to all of your followers.

Your business will thank you.

With its primary focus on photos, many businesses find Pinterest too similar to Instagram (and subsequently, too overwhelming) in trying to figure out how to understand the platform. But don’t worry if you don’t offer Etsy-style merchandise or clothing, your service-based business can still excel on this platform and generate substantial leads! Try creating infographics, charts, and other sharable photos that will increase interest in and promote your business.

Stress less with monthly viewers

Yes, there is no more worrying about followers when it comes to Pinterest! *praise hands emoji* This aspect of Pinterest is one of our favorite components, leading to REAL engagement, and good news for your business- real customers. It’s important to keep an eye on your analytics, to understand which pins are hitting the mark and which ones aren’t.

Algorithm, who?

Goodbye algorithmic, hello chronological. Hashtags still have a place in the Pinterest world, but due to their placement, your pins – as mentioned above – will be seen by anyone and everyone. In addition to our beloved hashtags, Pinterest relies on keywords to maximize posts. We encourage you to ALWAYS use keywords and do some research on which words will have a greater reach with your specific audience in mind. We recommend avoiding automatically generated keywords at all costs and find the ones that will mesh the best with your pin. Because after all, finding the right audience will boost your sales!

Maximize your efforts.

Ready to jump on the Pinterest train? We have some tips to help you capitalize on your pins.

  • Post original content every single day, and if you’re feeling extra (us too), consider posting multiple original & repinned posts daily. When it comes to our clients, we recommend posting 20-30 times a day.

  • Mix it up and post pins that are not just from your business. Bringing in new content is essential, but make sure that the top pins on your page are your original content

  • Use the Tailwind app to save time and schedule content. Tailwind has the ability to analyze your follower’s behaviors and uses that information to create a customized pinning schedule for your page. Tailwind will make your life, and your time on Pinterest, 1000x easier.  

So what do we recommend?

When it comes to Pinterest, we recommend posting regularly, creating quality content (hi-res photos, images with visual appeal), including direct links to your business and other relevant sites, and neatly organizing your pins for easy skimming.

Happy Pinning!

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