Why We’re Breaking Up With Instagram


OK, to be fair, we're not exactly "breaking up," but we're officially changing our relationship status to "It's Complicated." We still want to go out… we just want to see other people.

We all know it, even if we're not ready to admit it, but Instagram is not what it used to be. You can blame it on the algorithm or Zuckerberg, but things are changing... And that's ok. Because the truth is, this digital world is always evolving. We have to learn to adapt and keep our eyes peeled for the next big platform.

And while we haven’t found the new “it kid’ in the social media world, it's time to change up your strategy, reimagine old platforms and ramp up those marketing efforts. Here's what we suggest:

1. GET PINNING! We have started to notice some major trends in the outside world AND within our own analytics. One of our biggest traffic sources is… PINTEREST. Yes, Pinterest has been around for years, but for whatever reason people are just now starting to talk about it.

The fact that you don’t have to have ANY followers in order for your content to accumulate views is absolute madness and all the proof you need to immediately open up your Pinterest business account. Not only that, it’s the only social media platform that actually encourages users to leave their app (aka, go to your website) and try new things as opposed to continuously scrolling.

PROTIP: Use our favorite tool Tailwind to help schedule your pins & keep content consistent!

2. GET FOUND ON GOOGLE. If you're not focusing any time on SEO, now is the time to get with it. Creating a website and throwing up some blog posts just doesn't cut it. Take advantage of (free) organic growth by choosing the right keywords and come up with consistent content that helps put you at the top of the list when someone steps up to the Google search bar.

PROTIP: If you're totally new to SEO but love to DIY, check out this beginner guide from MOZ to get started!

3. BUILD THAT LIST. You've probably heard it before, but we're saying it again. The Instagram algorithm changes should be more than enough to kickstart you into building your email list! As social platforms glow up and fade away, your email list remains! It's time to buckle down, create your list, a newsletter or even a drip campaign. Don't worry, we'll be writing more about this topic very soon so make sure to stay tuned (& sign up for our list if you don't want to miss out!).

PROTIP: We love using MailChimp, but we've heard amazing things about ConvertKit as well!

So don't get us wrong, we still LOVE Instagram and will absolutely continue to post on it... after-all, it's our favorite platform! We're just ready to hone in on other proven strategies, branch out and make sure we don't get caught up in the ever-changing algorithm frustrations. We hope you do the same!

Ready to get started but have no clue where to start? Shoot us a quick email, and we'll have you on your merry marketing way!

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