Why Choosing a Boutique Social Media Marketing Firm for Your Business is the Way to Go


When it comes to growing your business through social media, it's crucial to have a strategic game plan in place. If you're a small company looking to build your business FAST, it's time to rethink your D.I.Y. habits.

Although there are amazing social media marketing tools that are available online for free, when push comes to shove, there's nothing like having tried and true experts on your side (and let's face it, your Instagram page). In the digital age, followers and engagement are priceless, and we encourage you to evaluate how important growth and messaging is to your company -- because we truly believe it will be worth your extra cash.

Let's dive into why.

1. Drives targeted traffic, reach and sales.

In nearly any industry a business operates in, a substantial portion of customer leads will come from social media. Having access to all of the available (and not yet acquired) customers, social media platforms will assist in boosting traffic, especially for new site content. When posting new content directly to your website, it can often take a bit of time to pick up traction through search engines. While posting to social media provides an opportunity for your followers and other social users to learn about and access your newly available content, straight from the source. So, not only will this show up on the feeds of your followers, but also the feeds of people who are interested in a similar type of product, making this type of post very targeted. (We can thank the Explore page on Instagram for helping us with this one.) The results of social media are dramatic, bringing the ideal customer to land on your page while creating brand awareness. And, should we add that you aren’t just blasting your content out there for people that don’t want to see it? Typically, the people who find your page are actually looking for your type of product or service! It is important to note that how they find you and perceive your business instantaneously is crucial.

2. Boosts SEO.

Content strategy is likely the most critical factor in driving traffic and boosting SEO, but driving traffic through optimized pages will make your viewers climb tenfold. This includes sharing new content immediately when it goes live, or recirculating evergreen content that is always important and continually connects with your audience.

3. Builds authentic relationships.

Social media allows companies to directly connect with their audience in an authentic, meaningful way. Customers can smell advertising from a mile away and do not appreciate the art of the pitch. By building connection and rapport on social sites, you're providing for your audience without asking for much in return, showing your customers that you value them for more than their money. Through social media, you can also connect with other industry leaders and influencers, enabling you to cultivate relationships and become a part of the community.

4. Allows for targeting.

In the age of the dying pitch, social media offers targeted ads, allowing you to target your advertising content to fit the exact needs of the audience or potential customer. Anything from age to user behavior can narrow down who and when your sponsored post is seen making it incredibly effective and well worth the money your business will spend. Through reaching your audience in this manner, you're connecting beyond a selling point, and connecting in a personal and conversational way.

5. Builds brand loyalty.

It's no secret. Brands who actively engage in social media have customers who are more loyal on average. When you're active on social platforms, you're continually building connections with your audience, taking the time to provide them with value, whether it is entertainment, help, or other useful information. Showing customers that you care has the power to make a huge difference in a competitive market, putting your company above the rest.

Feel like all of this may be hard to juggle? No worries, we’ve got your back. Our services are crafted to boosting your online presence and effectiveness. We content plan, strategize, and assist in elevating you as the leader in your field. After all, it’s what we do, so you can get back to what you do!

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