How to Create Brand Messaging That Sells


What is brand messaging?

Brand messaging is the act of tying together your products and services alongside the way you interact with your audience. It is a brand promise -- It is how you communicate with your customers (both verbal and nonverbal) that shows the world who you are and what you do.

Why do you need it?

Brand messaging is an essential part of marketing. Discovering and communicating a clear and concise message to your audience will assist your business with future marketing decisions, along with creating a stronger bond with your target audience.

Here are a few tips we’ve discovered to develop the best method of strategic brand messaging:

Find your target audience.

When developing brand messaging, start with your target audience and the customers you are looking to whom you are offering services. Your brand, your content, and your communication needs to make sense to them. Your brand messaging will largely be impacted by what you are selling. Research what your customers are seeking in a brand, and provide that within a succinct brand message.

K.I.S.S. (keep it simple, stupid)

In the world of marketing and messaging, the simpler, the better. To effectively market your business, it’s impossible to cater your services to every and any person -- so your brand messaging needs to reflect that scope as well. Pick a couple of ideas that you want to communicate that will resonate with your core audience.

Start with a one-liner.

It doesn’t always work with dating... but it can be incredibly impactful in marketing (think Nike’s “Just do it”). Think of this as a brand tag or message. It’s what you do, why you do it, who it's for and why it's helpful. Use this as a moment to define who you are. What makes you different? How can you deliver on your brand promise that makes you different from your competition?

Preserve your mission.

Your mission, your why, your core values, and what is most important to you need to be at the heart of your brand message. This not only creates an authentic message but a strong one, and it’s one that your customers have come to love and respect. It’s impossible to convey to the world what your business is without including who it's about.


Find inspiration in competition.

Look to other companies who have proven to be successful at brand messaging, even your competitors, to evaluate and find inspiration. Keep an eye out for messages and other highlights that make these brands unique (their USP). Look for industry trends from competitors, and use this to help find your competitive advantage.


Developing brand marketing can help your business develop a clear goal and a clear mission to help your customers understand your business in a better way. Our team is excited to offer services for small business owners and are happy to help on your journey. For more business tips, subscribe to our blog!