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Defining Your Business’ Target Customer

Finding Your Target Market | Target markets can help businesses better understand their ideal customers, in addition to breaking through the crowd in a niche market. A well-defined market and customer is key to saving money on marketing, as you specifically target customers who are more likely to purchase from your business. Defining your target audience becomes an exponentially more effective and affordable way to generate new business.

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6 Ways to Ramp Up Your Marketing in the New Year

6 Ways to Ramp Up Your Marketing in the New Year | New Year’s is the perfect opportunity to showcase what your business has to offer, refreshing on old practices while keeping customers engaged. Take a look at these six ways you can reinvent and ramp up your business marketing into the New Year.

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2019 Social Media & National Days

2019 Social Media & National Day Calendar to help you plan your social media marketing content for 2019. This guid should help you fill in your content calendar as you figure out how to plan your social media content this year!

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