Amp Up Your Email Subscriber List Like a Pro


When it comes to email marketing, you better believe we are BIG fans. For a majority of digital companies, email marketing is the main driver of website traffic and is a primary method of communication with customers. It's a simple method that enhances targeted, purposeful, personal relationships and, there isn't an algorithm or controlled metric placed on how many people have the opportunity to see it (approximately 5x more customers will see your email vs. a Facebook post). And when it comes to ROI, email has a conversion rate of more than twice its competitors.

For new businesses emerging, we empathize with you on why gathering an email list from nothing may feel like an uphill battle, but we all have to start somewhere. That's why we've collected our top tips in generating a valuable email list that can help grow your company. And hear us loud and clear because your email list is everything!

1. Contact forms are your friend.

If you do not ask, you will not receive! The first and quite possibly most natural and most effective step in garnering a more extensive email list is including a sign-up form on your website. Embed an easy-to-fill data capture form on your home page. Consider including it at the top of your page. The critical step here is to make it as simple and as comfortable as possible.

2. Throw out incentives like candy.

Give your audience a reason to sign up! The easiest way to get your customers motivated to sign up for email is to give them something in return. Consider offering special discounts, free shipping or other value-added offers. A simple trade will boost participation.

3. Run contests and giveaways to engage interest.

Through running email-specific contests and giveaways on social media that require email signups from customers, you'll stack up a hefty email list in no time. Consider patterning with other companies in your giveaway efforts, offering their product for promotion. This partnership creates an opportunity for your business to engage with new potential customers.

4. Offer exclusive content and promotions.

There's nothing better than exclusive access to get people's attention! Offering early access and first dibs on a new product can help you create awareness while keeping advertising costs low. If you already have brand recognition, the desire to be a part of something that is not widely available can create a powerful incentive for customers to subscribe.

5. Cross promote your way there.

To effectively market your business, you will want to reach your customers through as many means as possible. It's essential to mention email subscription in your direct mail, social media posts and more. You can grow your list fairly significantly through offering subscriber-only promotions marketed through other mediums.

So, you don’t have an email list started quite yet? We highly encourage you to change that because the sooner you start, the quicker your list will grow with our five simple steps! Your ability to relay information to your audience will be much easier and grab their attention like never before.

Have a question or intimidated by this task? No worries- we’ve got your back! Send us a quick email with your questions. We are here to help!