Another Platform, A Greater Audience Reach: How To Improve Your LinkedIn Business Page


In the age of Instagram, LinkedIn can feel like a bit of a bore. And we understand why many business owners are resistant to updating their page -- or even creating one in the first place. BUT we are here to tell you that it is still important, and it is another incredible way to engage your customers and connect with other business owners while picking up an entirely new audience.

Ready to hear us out?

With 600 million users, do NOT take LinkedIn lightly. According to sproutsocial, it outperforms Facebook and Twitter at an astounding 277% when it comes to generating visitor-to-lead conversions. Let's hear it for the fans in the back! Along with its newly implemented business features, your business needs to develop an eye-catching page on LinkedIn -- and we're here to help.

1. The essentials.

Good news is that you probably have all of these covered. From logos to bios, to taglines, this should be the most natural part of the gig. The key here is to keep it simple and leave any fluff at the door. We recommend minimalist designs, simple cover photos, and to-the-point descriptions. Consider adding a short and sweet call to action on the top of your landing page.

Follow the guidelines below, and you'll be golden:

  • Company logo (300 x 300 pixels)

  • Square logo (60 x 60 pixels)

  • Company cover image (1536 x 768 pixels)

2. Highlight your company culture.

The "About," "Jobs," and "People" sections are fairly straightforward on LinkedIn, but the one we want to highlight is the "Life" section. It gives you the opportunity to display your company culture to the world. We encourage you to use this section to show what separates you from other companies -- your employees, your values, your business' everyday life and more.

3. Develop strategic content for the platform.

In the world of LinkedIn, making a name for yourself as an expert is crucial. We recommend posting your own content, along with other industry-related posts. But REPEAT AFTER US: do not post article after article. This is a big no-no when it comes to best practices on the platform. Additionally, interaction on LinkedIn is critical, so similar to Twitter, we recommend developing question-based content to get responses from your connections.

4. Get in the routine of being engaged.

Interacting and posting your point of view on trending topics draws attention to your brand. Whether it be in the “What people are talking about now” section or simply a hashtag, follow through with your opinion on the post. Be active and provide a well-constructed response, and please, we beg you, do not leave such a simple comment that it looks like a bot was there.

5. Video is king.

Video is another vital component to consider as content among all social media platforms is quickly turning to favor it. Similar to Instagram, LinkedIn's algorithm favors video-based posts, so creating hi-res video content needs to be on your priority list and have a top-spot on your posting schedule.

6. Employees are your lifeline.

Get your employees involved. Encourage them to repost articles and more from the company's LinkedIn page to their own. Offer incentives and engage with them regularly. Consider highlighting your team and creating regular posts for outstanding achievements to boost employee morale AND engagement. We call that a win-win.

7. Schedule your content, always.

LinkedIn is NOT an exception. Using a calendar tool to map out your content not only creates a visual representation of what will be posted on your page, but it will help you avoid posting similar content too closely together. Having a plan will also encourage regular posting and more engagement.

8. Keep an eye on analytics.

That’s right, LinkedIn can help you gain insights from your audience with their in depth analytics tab. Not only will you be able to evaluate the effectiveness of your page (for free), but you’ll gain an understanding of your follower and visitor demographics. Learn more about exploring your page's analytics, here.

9. Take advantage of the Groups feature.

LinkedIn allows you to create or become a member of groups which leads to connections right away. Now, we aren’t saying groups are all about advertising. In fact, you do not want to advertise at all within them. Rather, being active and having quality engagements and interactions is what will grow your brand the most. Groups can be beneficial in connecting with customers because your target audience is involved as well as other business owners who have the expertise you may be lacking.

Get started today and watch the magic happen! LinkedIn is just as beneficial as you are willing to make it.

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