The Inside Scoop on WHY Your Instagram Needs an Aesthetic


So you’ve been searching, searching, and searching Google and Pinterest (don’t worry, those are our immediate go-to’s as well), but you’re still in a rut. The burning question has yet to be answered, and you’re getting to the point of exhaustion.

What even is aesthetic and Why does my business's Instagram account need it?!

We’ve all been there. But luckily, you found this post for a reason. It’s a sign that maybe you could tweak your Instagram game juust a tad bit more.

An aesthetic is the first impression your audience perceives about your brand. It gives your business that extra “oomf.” Let’s put it into terms as if your Instagram was a person. Your personal aesthetic is created through your personality, your habits, your sociality, your style, and so much more. Your brand has all of these things too! And the aura of your brand puts off an aesthetic to your audience which is created through the brand’s all around mood, attitude, interactions, and much much more. It is how your images look individually but also how they flow together and create a clear direction with a cohesive visual. Just as likely as you, yourself, want to be appealing and connect with others, your brand does too!

Today, we are happy to share with you the why behind an Instagram aesthetic. Here we go!

1. Pleasing to the eye.

Ever come across a profile and just want to stay on it? They grab your attention through how easy it is to navigate their page. Their photography seems to flow, their voice in their captions and comments remains the same from post to post, and they are serving their audience in a unique way.

2. Power of consistency.

As you develop and plan your content, you should grab a hold onto your so called “style” or branding. Making your brand recognizable even in your audience’s news feed with every other brand’s content is what you are truly striving for here. Do not neglect the idea of consistency. It’s important that your brand sticks out and isn’t changing all the time. Pro tip: A great way to keep your photography edits consistent is through Lightroom presets made for the FREE mobile app!

3. Get noticed.

Like we said above, consistency will lead to brand recognition, but what about those people who have yet to follow you? Through the use of hashtags, new members of your audience will discover you. Even through word of mouth or tags or captions, and so much more, your business will be discovered in more ways than you can think of. BUT don’t jump to excitement just yet. These people who discover you are probably going to click to your profile. And if your profile is mumbo jumbo, they will be quick to jump right off. You want to make them stay. Your aesthetic can do that!

4. Portray emotion.

So you’ve got a new potential follower on your page. Within the first few seconds of them looking through your photos, they can pick up your company’s vibe. Crazy, right? So you want to be sure your business has come up with an emotion they want to portray and bring it to life on your feed. If you’re not sure what I mean, here’s an example. When I think of happiness on an Instagram feed, I think of whites and yellows. As I scroll, I’d want to see clear photos that are light and pleasing to my eye- so much that I could smile! Just like the sunshine can boost our energy, so can an Instagram feed. It’s amazing! So, don’t take this lightly. Your audience can catch onto your mood just as quick as your dog can.

5. Tap the Follow Button.

Probably the most important step for you to strive for. Of course with Instagram, you want valuable audience members to follow you. Creating an aesthetic is the way to go about this. Take the last two tips, for instance. A potential follower has been on your company’s page for a few minutes now, browsing through your content, feeling your brand’s emotions. Now, what is going to make them tap that follow button?! Because ideally, that’s what you want! Chances are, if they’ve lasted this long on your page, they’re interested in what you’re offering. But be sure every now and again, you’re thanking your followers, you’re serving them the majority of the time, and you have other platforms that you want your audience to interact with you on instead of just the gram. In order to get them to tap follow, they want to be assured you are a reliable brand.

6. Engagement.

YAY! You’ve followed all the tips, and your audience has grown through your aesthetic. But did you know it’s important to keep your aesthetic even after people start to follow you? Like we said before, consistency serves a great point to proving your vibe, but once people are your followers, they will be more likely to engage with your posts. Engagement on your posts will lead to new people discovering your account. And should we mention, the whole cycle will start over again?

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