#BalanceforBetter: 7 Nashville Business Women Who Are Leaving Their Mark


Browsing through social media, we’ve all seen the hashtags about ladies in business being a “girl boss” or a “boss babe.” The terms are floating around now more than ever, spreading like wildfire. They almost seem too cliche to use, but we can’t help but express how proud of the massive impact women have made within the business world. And we 100% believe that is something worth celebrating. Especially for #InternationalWomensDay!

From business owners, to athletes, to creatives, to even simply empowering other women, females have proven their importance in the entrepreneurial world, and their strength is continuing to improve. But does that come as a shocker to anyone?

Although International Women’s Day is only one of the 365 days out of the year dedicated to celebrating women and their accomplishments, we think they should genuinely be recognized every day for many things. Their hard work. Their dedication. Their positivity. Their motivation. The inspiration they bring to others. And the list could go on and on. Each of them are leaving their mark and creating a #BalanceForBetter.

With that being said, we’d like to take the time to recognize seven local business women this Women’s Day who we believe are excelling in their individual industries.

1. Bailey Spaulding.
Jackalope Brewing.

As the CEO and Brewmaster of the one and only Jackalope Brew, Spaulding is paving her own path in a male-dominated industry. When she moved to Nashville, she intended to attend Law School; however, it was then that the development of her passion for brewing beer became her main focus. The dedication she has to her passion shows that she does not let stereotypes get in her way. Spaulding is breaking the mold and reaping the rewards.

2. Tuwanda Coleman (Shaw).
NewsChannel 5 WTVF, Producer-Reporter.

Excelling in each position leading up to it, Coleman is a producer-reporter at Channel 5. Her warm on-air personality coupled with her keen eye for production creates the perfect combination to make NewsChannel 5 stand out above the rest. Beginning as a camera operator, Coleman’s hard work and dedication to the craft helped her climb the ladder which led her to where she is today. Her diligence, drive and loyalty are attributes we should all strive for

3. Ginny Reed.
Vinnie Louise, Founder.

Starting a business on a $2,000 budget may seem stressful to many people, but not to Reed. She is a rockstar entrepreneur who opened her shop, Vinnie Louise, online and filled orders from her home. Reed longed to meet her customers face-to-face, so she opened up a storefront. Fast forward to today, Vinnie Louise just opened their third storefront and is continuing to grow! Following her intuition and beating the odds, Reed has proven that you can do anything you set your mind to.

4. Lisa Diederich.
Lisa Diederich Photography, Owner.

Traveling just about anywhere her camera may take her, Diederich has developed her own stunning style of photography and turned it into a booming business. She actually started it all in Sydney, Australia, but then made her way back to the states, and landed in Nashville. The realm she captures include weddings, families, brands, and campaigns. A few of her clients include Bobby Hotel, Kimpton Aerston, JW Marriott Nashville Nest, and Boll & Branch. Diederich even travels all over the world! Her business has grown tremendously through the establishment of her brand and her dedication to serve her customers.

5. Nichole Lim.
Nichole Marie Lim, Owner.

As a makeup artist, Lim serves a broad spectrum of clients ranging from TV & Film to Editorials and beyond, though her favorite type of work always involves something that tells a story.  Lim’s personal style to show off skin as it authentically is, rather than covering the beauty of it, sets her work apart from the rest. In fact, Lim won Best Hair and Makeup for Nashville’s 2018 48 Hour Film Project for Never Too Young. With two little ones at home, Lim loves speaking on the realities of being a working mom and doesn’t hold back on sharing insights of her day to day atmosphere because she knows others experience it as well. What a brilliant example of motherhood and entrepreneurship wrapped up in one incredible human!

6. Rachel Beachy.
The Letter Boss, Owner.

Offering water-color painting, illustration, and hand lettering for anything a client may need, Beachy’s work is one-of-a-kind. Her craft started as a 100-day challenge to try hand-lettering every day and by the end, she had completely fallen in love with the art. Beachy is a firm believer that it’s 100% OK to be a beginner and encourages us, as she did, to embrace it, own it, and live it. It certainly paid off for her, and we plan to follow suit!

7. Rebecca Ward.
Love + Exile Wines/Nashville Urban Winery, Director of Marketing & Creative AKA Queen Bee.
Rebecca Ward Photography, Owner.

Talk about doing it all, we got the chance to interview this all star, and our minds are just completely blown. Ward began as a photographer as she was completing her degree when her photography work was discovered on Instagram (need us to mention the power of social media?) by the owner of Love & Exile Wines + Nashville Urban Winery. Now, you can catch Ward holding at least ten job titles with the business. Hence why they joke about calling her Queen Bee. Motivated by company growth, Ward truly enjoys what she does, and her passion certainly shows. But it doesn’t end here. She still runs her own photography business shooting bands like Florida Georgia Line, The Head and The Heart, and Goodbye June. Sorry if we sound out of breath - we’re just trying to keep up with this total boss!

Needless to say, the women in nashville are absolutely killing it with their businesses. We can’t hold back our appreciation for the inspiration each of these ladies brings forth to the our community.

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur or business owner patiently waiting for the right time to take that leap of faith? We can’t say enough that sometimes you just have to go for it. Learn as you go, remember that Google is your friend, and you’ll get into a groove before you know it.

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