Quick and Easy Small Business Marketing Tips to Make Your Life 100x Easier


Are you thinking about quitting your day job to get your own business up and running? Trust us when we say that we understand the overwhelming pressure of running a full-time company on your own! There will always be an endless to-do list, and it can feel comfortable to let all marketing components slide -- but we are here to make it easy for you. Check out our ESSENTIAL must-have marketing tips for new small-business owners. Stick to these tips to make your life, and your operations, a whole lot easier.

Get on social media.

Simple and easy. Start with the basics: Facebook and Instagram. If you're feeling up to it, launch a LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest page. Be sure to have logo graphics ready-to-go with the appropriate dimensions for each social media platform. Here are the basic, for your reference, in pixels:

  • Facebook: Profile Picture: 180 x 180; Cover Photo: 820 x 312

  • Instagram: Profile Picture: 110 x 110; Stories: 1080 x 1920

  • LinkedIn: Company Logo Image: 300 x 300; Company Cover Image: 1536 x 768

  • Twitter: Profile Photo: 400 x 400; Header Photo: 1,500 x 500

  • Pinterest: Profile Picture: 165 x 165; Pins: 236 pixels with a scaled height

*For additional image sizes, visit Sprout Social.  

Per best practices, we recommend using the following schedule for posts on each social platform:

  • Facebook: 1x/day

  • Instagram: 1-2x/day

  • LinkedIn: 2x/week

  • Twitter: 10-30x/day

  • Pinterest: 20-30x/day

Need help coming up with great content to post on your socials? Check out our recent blog post, 5 Topics Every Business Can Post About On Instagram.

Develop customer relationships.

Stay in constant communication with your audience, whether it be through social media engagement or even email marketing. Maintaining a consistent presence with your customers not only encourages a positive customer service experience, but can lead to brand recognition among a wide range of people. Aim to spend one hour per day on community engagement, a.k.a., talking with customers on social media (this includes responding to comments, liking photos and reaching out to potential new customers). We also recommend sending out two to three marketing emails per month.

Stick with top, quality content.

Have you already developed your company mission, message, and voice? Use it! Develop evergreen content you can share at any time containing these essential aspects of your company. This type of content is always of interest and relevant to your audience, and you can share it at any point during the year. Think industry related topics, FAQs, and more. Developing keywords and concepts will also assist with search engine optimization (more on that, below). Focus on creating graphics and videos that are a reflection of how you want to portray your company to the world.

Hone in on SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Have a website? If your answer was yes, then focusing in on SEO is a given. This is how customers will easily find your businesses’ website through search engines like Google. SEO is proven to not only improve your web results within search engines but at the same time, improve your customers' experiences while using your website. Customers trust search engines, and having a top presence in relation to the keywords they use to search can, in turn, increase their trust in your website. Not an expert in SEO or need help building a website? We offer services for both! Get in touch with us to chat about the needs and goals for your business.

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