Free Step By Step Guide for Planning your May 2019 Content


Here at Toews Digital, our Spring Cleaning has led to some exciting new things! As always, we have especially been thinking of the best ways to serve small business owners with the improvement of their online presence and lead them to growing their business. We understand that not every startup or side hustle has the budget for a social media marketing manager, and all of us live in a society of DIY. So, with you in mind (yes, you!), we are creating more tools for your small business to be successful. Get ready as we give you a sneak peek on what we’ve been working on behind the scenes!

Introducing Social Skills...

Ever feel defeated when it comes to marketing for your business? Unsure of what your next caption will look like? Forgetting holidays and frantically running around to get something posted? Say no more.

Right now we’re testing out a subscription style marketing guide with a monthly plan that you can stick to. From quick tips to a full list of important holidays to caption prompts, hashtags, and more, we’d love to help your business succeed through social media… and because we’re just testing it out, you can grab May’s copy for FREE! (Yes, that’s our favorite word too!)

Marketing your business takes time and dedication, so we want to make it as easy on you as possible! We’d love for you to download it for FREE in our store and let us know exactly what you think! After all, we can only make it better with YOUR feedback.

TDInsider’s Facebook Group

We are gearing up to launch a private Facebook group for all of you wonderful #TDInsiders! Acting as a community, you will receive support for any questions you may have when it comes to your specific business needs! Because after all, we are here to serve you! This group will act as a safe place where members may ask questions to the group, support each other and help everyone succeed. We will hop on to keep you up-to-date on the latest marketing news and answer your Q’s! Click Here to request early access!!

As always, we hope these tools are helpful to you! Shoot us a message, slide into our DM’s and signup for our email list… you’ll find that we LOVE to help and make new friends!